WordPress Project: Sacred Pathways Doula Services

Veronica needed to bring her web site for her doula business: Sacred Pathways Doula Services to market quickly as she’d purchased a domain name and was getting hits on her site from possible clients, but didn’t have any useful information posted for them to find. Based on a brief chat, a decision was made to put up a brief introductory web page as quickly as possible with some very basic information.

After determining that WordPress was available as an easy install from Veronica’s hosting provider, Beth installed WordPress and found a base theme to use as a temporary placeholder. Within twenty-four hours, Beth completed an initial round of design tweaks, implemented a set of plugins to leverage the CMS functions of WordPress and provided a two-page ‘brochureware’ site for Sacred Pathways.

With some basic information now available for the site including contact information for potential clients, the next steps involved expanding the site to include more content, integrating the blog as a part of the site, making further design tweaks to the template, implementing a Contact Form plugin, SEO, AdSense and a widget to allow Veronica to cross-post her blog posts between the blog, Facebook and Livejournal for maximum exposure.

In just one week, Sacred Pathways Doula Services went from no website, to a fully-featured, information-rich site with SEO and Google AdSense support and a strong foundation for building out additional integrations and features. Future planned improvements include a custom designed theme, additional  optimizations to raise the site’s profile in search engines and a password-protected client portal.

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