WordPress Project: It’s Time For Business, the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce needed a quick turnaround on a social networking and information-driven site focusing on regional economic recovery for the Seattle area. Key to this project was providing a large group of users with the ability to contribute to the site without needing to register for access, while allowing Chamber staff to moderate submissions and keep tabs on what was being posted.

BK Consulting held several brief discussions with the Chamber, analyzed the pre-purchased design template and designed a solution that allowed the It’s Time For Business website to reach its intended audience very quickly and before the hard and fast deadline of noon on Friday, September 25th, 2009 for the Seattle Chamber of Commerce annual meeting and presentation of the “It’s Time For Business” campaign. From start to finish, the set up of the website and all dynamic features was completed in six days.

WordPress was selected as the tool to provide the functional aspects of the website and to allow the site’s editors to manage content easily without a high level of technical knowledge or a deep grasp of HTML and CSS. Working from a pre-purchased design template, WordPress templates were created to provide the Chamber with a custom theme with multiple dynamic areas, all controlled from within WordPress. Chamber staff are able to keep all content up-to-date either by editing Posts in specific categories or Pages for static content.

Additionally, several plugins were used to extend the native functionality of WordPress to turn it into a true CMS with moderated posting by ‘anonymous’ users. These users are able to post to a limited set of categories and their postings are sent to the moderation queue for a check and release by Chamber staff. This allows almost any visitor to the site to become a potential contributor while protecting the site from spammers.

Secured roles were also set up in the system to provide an added layer of protection and a Search Engine Optimization tool was provided to help maximize exposure for the site and raise its rankings in common search engines.

The end result is a clean look and feel, implemented in a highly functional tool that shows off the CMS capabilities of a ‘low end’ publishing tool like WordPress, all for a very affordable budget.

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