User Experience: What is it and when should UX designers get involved?

Recently, I’ve bumped up against people asking me what user experience is and what it really means in the development process. These questions surprised me a little, as from my perspective, UX is well-established discipline within the software development industry, with a proven track record of improving the product quality based on user feedback. There […]

Adventures In Vintage Mac

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on transferring papers I wrote in college 15+ years ago from my collection of Mac-format backup disks to a modern format that I can use to transmit electronically to apply for graduate school. The adventure began with a visit to my parents’ basement to rescue my first […]

Usability: Google+ Interface

Whether you think Google can topple Facebook or not, one thing is undeniable about the field test of Google’s new social networking platform, Google +: the interface is clean, simple and straightforward. It’s a relief for anyone who is sick and tired of Facebook’s overly cluttered interface and less-than-intuitive menus for handling privacy.

Collaboration: GoogleDocs for Proposal Writing

In an August 28th article, eWeek covers some of the recent changes and upcoming challenges facing Google Apps including Google Docs. One of the most exciting statements from the lead product manager for collaboration states that: “…Google wants to make sure that Apps users can not only pull into Docs and Sites any document created […]

Usability: AFHCAN Telemedicine Carts

AFHCAN » ATA 2009. I’m currently enrolled in a Master’s of Health Administration, Informatics program with the University of Phoenix. Our assignment this week was to analyze a trend in healthcare and given my specialization within the degree, I chose telemedicine as my topic. Through the course of my research for the paper, I found […]

Article: JavaScript MVC – A List Apart

Jonathan Snooks writes about how to apply and  use the MVC (Model-View-Controler) model for Javascript; to  make it easier to maintain and re-used scripts over time. The explanation of MVC is straightforward and simple and was a great refresher since I haven’t done any object-oriented coding in a while. I also appreciated the insight into […]