Beth Kelleher is a technical project manager, business analyst, technical writer, trainer, web designer and developer with roots in the online publishing community dating back to 1995 when she published her first personal web page as a college student working in the Smith College computer labs.

Self-taught in HTML, Beth moved on from building her first personal webpage and setting up the first French Department web page at Smith College, to working in production of the online version of The Chronicle of Higher Education. Opportunities in web design and development for health care followed, and Beth has built on her early experience in publishing and content management to develop expertise in building web sites and web applications for health care (see Resumé for full summary of Beth’s qualifications).

Business analysis, the understanding of requirements gathering, and the importance of solid documentation has been a constant in Beth’s background, whether working as a developer or after making the transition to project management in 2005.

Since 2010, Beth has been actively engaged in implementing Agile/Scrum methods, especially user story-driven requirements gathering processes and obtained her ScrumMaster certification in 2012. Beth is passionate about Agile/Scrum and the critical role of robust requirements gathering within the method, to ensure that the business and technical teams are aligned on needs to ensure a positive outcome. User experience and usability are also critical components of system design and Beth continues to support user-driven requirements gathering and user-driven requirements within the Agile/Scrum framework.

This blog brings together Beth’s ongoing musings on usability, requirements gathering techniques, project management methods, and other related topics.